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Property Architect Builder Year Built Style Type
2127 Allen Ave Garvey, P.W. (attributed to) 1936 (actual) Residence
2135 Allen Ave Gehrig, Arthur G. (attributed to) 1923 (estimated) Residence
2145 Allen Ave Schneck, C.F. (confirmed) 1924 (actual) Residence
2187 Allen Ave Telling, George Palmer (confirmed) Lewis, Guy E. (confirmed) 1924 (actual) Colonial Revival Residence
2197 Allen Ave McKeen, Hanry (confirmed) 1926 (actual) English Period Revival Residence
2268 Allen Ave Gill, Mark (attributed to) 1950 (estimated) Residence
2365 Allen Ave 1948 (estimated) Residence
2376 Allen Ave Taylor & Turner (attributed to) 1945 (actual) Residence
2383 Allen Ave Jean, Vera A. (attributed to) (1934)
Jean, Dora A. (attributed to)
1926 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
2386 Allen Ave Duquette, William (attributed to) 1949 (actual) Residence
2393 Allen Ave Caldwell, L.R. (attributed to) 1930 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
2463 Allen Ave Daniell, E.A. (attributed to) 1945 (estimated) Residence
2473 Allen Ave Fain, Walter C. (attributed to) 1939 (actual) Residence
2485 Allen Ave 1950 (estimated) Residence
2501 Allen Ave 1947 (estimated) Residence
2541 Allen Ave Norwood (attributed to) 1924 (estimated) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
2548 Allen Ave Hart, Ruth D. (?) (attributed to) 1939 (actual) Residence
2553 Allen Ave 1924 (estimated) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
2560 Allen Ave Millar, Louis DuP. (attributed to) Mitchell, Samuel (confirmed) 1939 (actual) Residence
2561 Allen Ave Bissner, Harold J. (attributed to) Kidwell, Anna M. (attributed to) 1941 (actual) Residence
2569 Allen Ave Earl, O.K. Jr. (attributed to) 1941 (estimated) Residence
1418 Alpha Ave Richardson & Brouaugh (confirmed) 1927 (actual) Residence
1437 Alpha Ave Richardson, Homer D. (confirmed)
Winter, Mrs. E.R. (attributed to) (1934)
1927 (actual) Residence
982 Alpine Villa Dr 1927 (estimated) Mediterranean Residence
989 Alpine Villa Dr Scott, M.D.L. (attributed to) 1911 (estimated) Residence
1031 Alpine Villa Dr Gloege&Shirar (attributed to) 1961 (actual) Residence
1032 Alpine Villa Dr Elam, G.R. (attributed to) 1951 (actual) Residence
1049 Alpine Villa Dr Bahler (attributed to) 1950 (estimated) Residence
1058 Alpine Villa Dr Elam, G.R. (attributed to) 1951 (actual) Residence
1059 Alpine Villa Dr Beauman Co. (attributed to) 1950 (actual) Residence