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Property Architect Builder Year Built Style Type
1847 Allen Ave Ainsworth, Robert H. (attributed to) Wood, Merrill A. (attributed to) 1938 (actual) Residence
1848 Allen Ave 1925 (estimated) Residence
1853 Allen Ave Roth, Joseph G. (attributed to) 1930 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1856 Allen Ave Bennett, Cyril & Robert (confirmed) Wopschall, E.F. (attributed to) 1947 (actual) Commercial
1857 Allen Ave Residence
1862 Allen Ave LeDoux, A.B. (attributed to)
Poyonene, J.C. (attributed to) (1932)
1929 (estimated) Commercial
1873 Allen Ave Marsh, Frederick C. (attributed to) Fisher, Richard (attributed to) 1936 (estimated) Commercial
1923 Allen Ave Stone, William J. (attributed to) Goldhart, George (?) (attributed to) 1946 (estimated) Spanish Colonial Revival Goverment
1928 Allen Ave Lincoln, Earl C. (attributed to) 1935 (actual) Residence
1931 Allen Ave Roth, Joseph G. (attributed to) (1936) 1924 (estimated) English Period Revival Residence
1939 Allen Ave Calvert, V.O. (attributed to) 1935 (actual) Residence
1969 Allen Ave 1926 (estimated) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1979 Allen Ave Dorr, L.C. (attributed to) 1931 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1988 Allen Ave Altadena Home Builders (attributed to) 1942 (actual) Residence
1989 Allen Ave Pudge, Raymond (attributed to) 1945 (actual) Residence
1998 Allen Ave Altadena Home Builders (attributed to) 1942 (actual) Residence
1999 Allen Ave Robinson, Harry C. (attributed to) 1944 (actual) Residence
2004 Allen Ave Chapman, W.L. (attributed to) 1942 (actual) Residence
2025 Allen Ave Kornstein, Irving (attributed to) 1945 (estimated) Residence
2037 Allen Ave Bethke, G. (attributed to) 1946 (actual) Residence
2043 Allen Ave 1926 (estimated) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
2046 Allen Ave Freeman, Breo (attributed to) (1945)
Freeman, Breo (attributed to) (1948)
Pasadena City Schools (attributed to) (1934)
Huff & Toombs (attributed to) (1948)
2049 Allen Ave 1936 (estimated) Residence
2055 Allen Ave Cavell, George E. (attributed to) Hutson, H.D. (attributed to) 1928 (estimated) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
2075 Allen Ave Sowerby, Theodore J. & Hare, John F. (confirmed) 1924 (actual) Residence
2081 Allen Ave Campbell Construction Co. (attributed to) 1925 (estimated) Residence
2093 Allen Ave Earl, O.K. Jr. (attributed to) 1940 (actual) Residence
2099 Allen Ave Dustman, H.A. (attributed to) 1938 (actual) Residence
2109 Allen Ave Beeson, William M. (attributed to) 1937 (actual) Residence
2114 Allen Ave Wieght, C.W. (attributed to) (1945) 1922 (estimated) Residence