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Property Architect Builder Year Built Style Type
1667 Allen Ave 1926 (actual) English Period Revival Residence
1674 Allen Ave 1926 (estimated) English Period Revival Residence
1675 Allen Ave 1925 (estimated) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1684 Allen Ave 1915 (actual) Craftsman Residence
1697 Allen Ave Taylor, George (confirmed) 1924 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1700 Allen Ave Buchanan & Brockway (confirmed) Clarke, H.E. (confirmed) 1919 (actual) Mediterranean Residence
1705 Allen Ave English Period Revival Residence
1713 Allen Ave Latham, John W. (confirmed) 1926 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1721 Allen Ave 1922 (estimated) Residence
1726 Allen Ave Loose, C.H. (attributed to) 1945 (actual) Residence
1735 Allen Ave Crawford, Frank (attributed to) (1936) 1936 (estimated) Residence
1736 Allen Ave 1922 (estimated) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1742 Allen Ave Breiderbecker, Ray (confirmed) 1923 (actual) Residence
1745 Allen Ave Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1746 Allen Ave Residence
1752 Allen Ave Van Alstine, C.L. (attributed to) (1927) 1927 (estimated) Residence
1763 Allen Ave LeDoux, Artie E. (confirmed) 1927 (actual) Residence
1769 Allen Ave Tellis (attributed to) 1952 (estimated)
1777 Allen Ave Bewick, G.W. (attributed to) 1931 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1779 Allen Ave Residence
1790 Allen Ave 1921 (estimated) California Cottage Residence
1793 Allen Ave Wark, D.W. (confirmed) 1926 (actual) English Period Revival Residence
1801 Allen Ave 1941 (estimated) Residence
1811 Allen Ave 1924 (estimated) California Cottage Residence
1812 Allen Ave Roubien, J. (confirmed) 1939 (estimated) Residence
1820 Allen Ave Shaffner, S. (attributed to)
Shaffner, S.L. (attributed to) (1932)
1930 (actual) English Period Revival Residence
1826 Allen Ave Brandt, William (confirmed) Hanson&Streeper (confirmed) 1945 (estimated) Residence
1831 Allen Ave 1926 (estimated) Residence
1837 Allen Ave Beily, J.A. (attributed to) 1928 (actual) English Period Revival Residence
1842 Allen Ave 1924 (estimated) Residence