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Property Architect Builder Year Built Style Type
2062 E Washington Blvd 1927 (estimated) Residence
2070 E Washington Blvd English Period Revival Residence
2080 E Washington Blvd Sanders, Mark (attributed to) 1931 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
2084 E Washington Blvd Rogers, Rex Way (attributed to)
Reeves, P.M. (attributed to) (1942)
1928 (estimated) English Period Revival Residence
2094 E Washington Blvd Sanders, Mark (attributed to) 1929 (estimated) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
2101 E Washington Blvd Austin & Ashley (confirmed)
Austin, John C. & Ashley, Frederic (attributed to) (1930)
Dibble-Foster Co. (confirmed) 1927 (actual) English Tudor Revival Education
2110 E Washington Blvd Richardson, H.B. (attributed to) 1929 (estimated) Residence
2126 E Washington Blvd 1925 (estimated) Residence
2142 E Washington Blvd Richardson, H.B. (attributed to) 1929 (estimated) Residence
2235 E Washington Blvd LeDoux, A.B. (attributed to) (1944) 1926 (estimated) Residence
2267 E Washington Blvd Britsch, George J. (attributed to) 1938 (actual)
2271 E Washington Blvd Edmonston, R.P. (attributed to) 1940 (actual)
2277 E Washington Blvd Whitely, V.C. (attributed to) 1940 (actual)
2287 E Washington Blvd Gordon, J. Shelton (attributed to) 1945 (estimated)
2394 E Washington Blvd Rosebrook, Guy L. (attributed to) Griffin, Darrell K. (attributed to) 1946 (estimated)
2456 E Washington Blvd Spindt, A.J. (attributed to) 1941 (estimated)
2489 E Washington Blvd Robinson, JOe (attributed to) (1943) 1929 (estimated) Residence
2502 E Washington Blvd 1942 (estimated) Residence
2515 E Washington Blvd 1944 (estimated) Residence
2214 Windsor Ave Gardner, D.M. (attributed to) (1942) 1921 (estimated) California Cottage Residence
2275 Windsor Ave 1932 (estimated) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
2318 Windsor Ave 1927 (estimated) Residence
2338 Windsor Ave 1921 (estimated) California Cottage Residence
2354 Windsor Ave 1923 (estimated) Residence
2358 Windsor Ave 1921 (estimated) Residence
2368 Windsor Ave 1925 (estimated) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
2376 Windsor Ave 1927 (estimated) Residence
2390 Windsor Ave 1897 (estimated) Residence
2448 Windsor Ave Pender, L. (attributed to) (1945) 1922 (estimated) Residence
2462 Windsor Ave 1914 (estimated) Craftsman Residence