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Property Architect Builder Year Built Style Type
1013 Wapello St 1928 (actual) Residence
1014 Wapello St Jones, K.C. (attributed to) 1930 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1022 Wapello St Bathrick, H.R. (confirmed) 1927 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1023 Wapello St Residence
1031 Wapello St Bathrick, H.R. (confirmed) 1925 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1037 Wapello St 1925 (estimated) English Period Revival Residence
1050 Wapello St Ruoff, Allen (confirmed) Johnson, Carl G. (attributed to) 1926 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1065 Wapello St Meier, Gisela (?) (attributed to) 1959 (estimated) Residence
/properties/17480 Barnes, S.B. (engineer) (attributed to) Lincoln Ave. Water Co. (attributed to) 1945 (estimated) Residence
1781 E Washington Blvd Fisher, Richard (attributed to) (1936) 1929 (estimated) Commercial
1785 E Washington Blvd Neeley, Frank W. (attributed to) (1945) 1925 (estimated) Residence
1791 E Washington Blvd Ball, Floyd R. (attributed to) 1946 (actual) Commercial
1877 E Washington Blvd 1939 (estimated) Residence
1878 E Washington Blvd Archibald, Andrew (attributed to) 1938 (actual) Commercial
1881 E Washington Blvd Bathrick, H.R. (confirmed) 1926 (actual) Residence
1892 E Washington Blvd Swain, G.O. (attributed to) 1930 (estimated)
1908 E Washington Blvd Cline, James S. (confirmed) 1928 (actual) English Period Revival Residence
1915 E Washington Blvd Dustman, F.E. (attributed to) 1933 (estimated) Commercial
1916 E Washington Blvd 1926 (actual) Residence
1924 E Washington Blvd 1927 (estimated) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1932 E Washington Blvd De Santo, C. (attributed to) 1928 (estimated) Residence
1940 E Washington Blvd California Cottage Residence
1948 E Washington Blvd Payne, Oscar D. (confirmed) 1927 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
1959 E Washington Blvd 1922 (estimated) Residence
1966 E Washington Blvd McDowell, Homer C. (confirmed) 1928 (actual) Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
2014 E Washington Blvd Morton, Walter J. (confirmed) 1928 (actual) English Period Revival Residence
2022 E Washington Blvd Engstrom, P.R. (attributed to) 1940 (estimated)
2033 E Washington Blvd Nisson, Roger K. (confirmed)
Davies, J.H. (structural engineer) (attributed to) (1941)
Steed Bros. (attributed to)
Steed Bros. (attributed to) (1943)
1941 (estimated) Spanish Colonial Revival Religion
2038 E Washington Blvd Spanish Colonial Revival Residence
2046 E Washington Blvd Spanish Colonial Revival Residence