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Property Architect Builder Year Built Style Type
819 W Woodbury Rd 1940 (actual) Residence
1603 Woodglen Ln Edmund Foerster, engineer (attributed to) owner/builder (attributed to) 1962 (actual) Residence
1612 Woodglen Ln Architrave (attributed to) owner/builder (attributed to) 1991 (actual) Residence
1624 Woodglen Ln Lauagrino, Arthur (attributed to) Dinoto, J. (attributed to) 1950 (estimated) Residence
1654 Woodglen Ln Wells, S.E. (attributed to) 1953 (actual) Residence
1659 Woodglen Ln 1952 (actual) Residence
1667 Woodglen Ln Bishop (attributed to) 1952 (estimated) Residence
1680 Woodglen Ln Warner, Eugene (attributed to) 1953 (estimated) Residence
1735 Woodglen Ln 1952 (actual) Residence
1739 Woodglen Ln Nyberg & Bissner (attributed to) 1956 (actual) Residence
2144 Yucca Ln 1923 (estimated) Residence
2920 Zane Grey Ter Weary, Philip (attributed to) 1966 (actual) Residence
3072 Zane Grey Ter Nota, Dean (attributed to) Lee, Michael (attributed to) 1994 (actual) Residence
1234 Derek's Awesome St. 2016 (estimated)